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 Short Getaway
La Palmeraie d'Angkor
Siem Reap

1 night - 2 nights - 3 nights

You will love...

Enter a world of wonder far from the maddening crowds, in a lush tropical settings.

La Palmeraie d’Angkor was created as a unique dream getaway. Comfort, elegance and space await you in a zen-like, cozy and romantic atmosphere. Whether you are traveling alone, in a couple, or with family, you will find a calm and peaceful respite with personalized service at its very best.

The 5000 square meter site comprises 4 deluxe double rooms, a family suite, a pool and a private villa of 450 square meters with its exclusive swimming pool. Each of our elegant rooms, cottage and villa is tastefully furnished, boasting in-room amenities and modern technological conveniences including broadband Internet access – perfect for our tech-savvy traveler! They all come with spacious private balconies.

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