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Handicraft, Culture & Nature

7 days / 6 nights

You will love...

  • Discovery of Phnom penh

  • Visit of Koh Dach, the silk island

  • Skun Village: spider tasting experience

  • Nokor Bachey Temple in Kampong Cham

  • Visit the main temples of the Angkor complex

  • Floating Village of Kampong Khleang

  • Manufacture of Artisans d’Angkor


Day 1: Phnom Penh​
Day 2: Phnom Penh
Day 3: Phnom Penh - Koh Dach Island

Day 4: Phnom Penh > Kampong Cham > Siem Reap
Day 5: Siem Reap
Day​ 6: Siem Reap - Kampong Khleang
Day 7: Siem Reap

Day 1

Phnom Penh

Arrival in Phnom Penh and welcome by your guide. Transfer to your hotel in the city center. 

Visit the oldest temple in the city, Wat Phnom. Located north of the city center, Wat Phnom (Khmer temple of the hill) dates from the 14th century. The locals walk and relax in their gardens during the weekend.


Day 2

Phnom Penh

At the opening, visit the Royal Palace which is the residence of kings since 1860 and the reign of Norodom I. Real gem, the buildings offer superb examples of traditional Khmer architecture. 

Visit the National Museum in one of the finest buildings in the city dating back to 1917, inspired by the architecture of ancientatemples and palaces. 

Museum of Genocide Tuol Sleng S-21 prison, a former high school turned into a deadly prison during the reign of the Khmer Rouge. This visit will be the hardest part of your trip but it will offer you a glimpse of the most difficult, painful and obscure period of the country. By late afternoon, stroll in the Russian market, which is one of the most important and popular markets in the city.


Day 3

Phnom Penh - Koh Dach Island

Half-day tour on the small island of Koh Dach which is called "island of silk." 

A few miles from Phnom Penh, you will take a small ferry to cross the Mekong River. Tuk-tuk ride into the countryside. Let yourself be charmed by the singing of birds and roosters. On the sides of the road, you can admire the different traditional Khmer houses overflowing with loom. 

Discover these artisans of the silk from generation to generation transmit this ancient tradition. Visit of the Wat Samaki temple. 

Free time to enjoy the Riverside area which is very lively in the evening.


Day 4

Phnom Penh > Kampong Cham > Siem Reap

Road to Siem Reap. 

Discovery of Skun village. Our guide will drop you at the city market, where you will find many stalls. The specialty of Skun is the fried spiders: crunchy outside with a chicken flavor inside. Tasting if you wish! 

Continue on our way to Kâmpong Cham. Visit of the Hindu temple Nokor Bachey built in the middle of the 12th century. Enjoy the peace and the surrounding nature. Stop at one of the oldest bridges in Cambodia: Spean Bridge Pratos (Naga Bridge). 

Arrival at the end of the day in Siem Reap.


Day 5

Siem Reap

First discovery of the temples of Angkor (UNESCO) in tuk-tuk.

Visit the temples of Angkor Thom, which means "the great city", it is the largest site of the archaeological park and the last capital of the Angkorian Empire.Visit the Bayon and its mystical faces, Baphuon, the Terrace of Elephants and the Leper King.

Visit the 8th wonder of the world, Angkor Wat: One of the most splendid human achievement to have ever emerged, Angkor Wat is the most famous monument of Angkor. It is a 12th century temple dedicated to Vishnu, built during the reign of King Suryavarman II. The heart of the temple is surrounded by a series of galleries covered with carved bas-reliefs.

Visit Ta Prohm, made famous by the film Tomb Raider, this temple nestled in the jungle is the perfect example of nature taking its rights! Indeed, the great roots and ficus pushed inside the ruins and today sublimate the stones.


Day 6

Siem Reap - Kampong Khleang

In the morning, visit the floating village of Kampong Khleang. 

You will discover the village in an authentic way aboard a local boat. Let yourself be guided through several activities. From visiting a family home floating to floating gardens, passing by farms and small shops, discover how local communities have ingeniously adapted to life on the water. Meet the locals and visit a crocodile farm. 

In the afternoon, discovery of the village of Chreav. The village is in the heart of nature and rice fields, you can discover many vegetable farms as well as traditional houses. Take a guided tour in a "ox cart" to discover the village, the market and a vegetable farm. If you wish, you can participate in various gardening activities. The village guide will explain the history of Chreav and the daily life and many superstitions of its inhabitants.


Day 7

Siem Reap

Discovery of "Artisans d'Angkor" field school where young Cambodians learn traditional crafts. Visit of the factory "Senteurs d'Angkor".

Transfer to Siem Reap airport for your return flight.


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